Septime, Paris

Tasty food, balanced flavours, clean presentations and elegantly comfortable dining room is the basis of a unforgettable experience. No complex ceremonies, rules, table clothes and a reasonable price ensure the great experience remain undisturbed. Septime is all that plus a generous touch of friendliness.  The chef Grébaut is among the new generation of chefs who find their own creativity is best expressed without the formalities of classic French cuisine. But for some reason, many of the so called ‘new generation’ restaurants miss the point – creativity must taste good. Chef Grébaut were clearly planned, balanced and had the ‘wow’ factor.

I made my lunch reservation there only to realize that my friend from Le Cordon Bleu is doing her stage (internship) there. It was her last day of service too. The memories of cooking school not too long ago was still fresh. For the entire trip to Paris a small portion of my thoughts floated into the kitchens where my friends are standing now. It could have been me. I needed another 6 months free. Hard work no doubt and at times unreasonable and harsh to the point of unbearable. But what feeling and accomplishment would it be to walk away and know that a part of my life was right there, sweating underneath the heat lamps of the pass at superb restaurant? Well done to all my friends who have done their stage.

The other portion of my minds was on one of the best modern French meals. Some combinations were creative like the white asparagus enveloped with lardo and served with an “egg’ that consisted of a smoked egg yolk surrounded by Parmesan cream. The red mullet was cooked to perfection and the toasted spices was in balance with the whole dish. Before dessert was 2 soft cheeses served at it’s prime ripeness and made me realize just how significant it is to serve good cheese at its best. I would go back any day and walk by the Seine.

Scandinavian design


Black mullet, fennel and greens


White asparagus, lardo, Parmesan cream and smoked egg yolk


Red mullet, radish, and peas. The wonderful toasted spices included cumin and fennel seeds. Pea puree had cumin.


Pork belly, beetroot and rhubarb


A ‘orange’ wine made with fermenting sauvignon blanc grapes with its skin. Adds tropical and stewed fruit flavours


Fromage blanc, strawberries and basil. Small droplets of meringue on top

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  1. #1 by Christian Rene Friborg on November 26, 2012 - 2:36 pm

    The white asparagus, lardo, Parmesan cream and smoked egg yolk looks delish! Yum yum!

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