Macarons in Paris

Before I start, I am going to say that this is by no means an exhaustive list of the best macarons in Paris. The main reason is that I am not yet diabetic. Also, I do not make them. That out of the way, macarons are freaking delicious when they are done well. Have 2 at a time (better, share 4 with a friend). Try them from the most well known shops and eat them within a few hours after buying them to avoid drying or damage. Get common flavours (to compared between shops) and interesting flavours to open your mind. I have realized that there is a spectrum of density for the shell and the filling that can all be great – it’s personal preference really. The 3 most important aspects for me are:

  • Texture of the shell is airy and not dried up
  • Flavour is prominent and not artificial
  • Macarons are invariably sweet, but there is a balance still. Too sweet then you can’t taste the flavour. Balance please.

Here are a few of the best shops and simple gorgeous. I will add more. Sorry, I can’t take these back to Australia.

Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki - macarons on the wall decoration

Aoki - here you can find Japanese flavours such as various teas, yuzu and sesame

Laduree - very famous and for a good reason. If I was to pick one shop for macarons then this is it.

Their salted caramel macaron (not pictured) is a must try. Though the filling is thicker and denser than their other flavours, it is an explosion of salted caramel

Patisserie Pain de Sucre

Patisserie Pain de Sucre - more on the denser side. They have an espelette/saffron flavour.

Looks good and will not disappoint

Weiss - a chocolate company. Very genuine flavours. I am pretty sure it was the best pistachio I have had so far.

Café Pouchkine - originating from Russia, brings a new range of flavours and textures with very refined techniques. Here are double flavoured macaron shells.

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  1. #1 by Cat on June 26, 2012 - 9:25 pm

    Hi there! Just wanted to say that I went on a HUGE macaroon hunt during my time in Paris!

    I just want to add that I actually am NOT a fan of them (too sweet!) but after tasting the usual suspects of Laduree to Pierre Hermes to Aoki to Gerard Mulot I have to say, hands down Pierre Hermes won for taste but Laduree won for it’s texture.

    I find it interesting that you preferred Laduree :) :)

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