A Cook’s Tour returns to Melbourne

A Cook’s Tour – Australia

Anthony Bordain + Matt Preston = food metaphor super sized. In his earlier (without Matt) show he went to Vue de Monde and Pacific BBC House. He ate too much foie gras from fine dining restaurants and had the best dinner at the Hong Kong style eatery in Richmond. I wonder if his magazine clippings are still on the wall of Pacific BBC House.

This time, he had a blast at Dan Hunter’s Royal Mail (my turn very soon) and lesser known places like Half Moon and Rumi with Matt Preston. He also went to Dainty Schezuan and made me salivate looking at the wok and chilli in action. I don’t take hot food very well and I can feel a little sweat on my forehead already.

Lovely to see all the trams whizz past.

I want a new camera now.

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